The "Repository Project" is an informal cooperation of bloggers, websites, companies and persons, whose main purpose is to provide easy access to Polish culture. 
This project includes various initiatives, such as "Polish Music Repository", "Polish Literature Repository, "Polish Cinematography Repository", and others. As their names already suggest, all associates websites and blogs are catering mainly to Polish-speaking audiences, but as it is with any culture in general, a website about Polish Cinema isn't restricted to movies/films only, since there always are many related items.
In short, we aim in popularizing entire Polish culture and Polish history, which nowadays are mostly unknown abroad (and it is a shame really, since Poles - unlike many other nations - actually can be very proud of their entire 1000+ years of history as a country).

Obviously the "Repository Project" is catering to Polish speaking and reading audiences, however, because i.e. Polish cinematography is universally regarded as one of the best in the world and many Polish films have been translated to other languages, therefore many of the videos presented on our pages may contain subtitles or audio dubbing in other languages. Similarly, a lot of Polish novels have been translated to almost all languages, and we provide links to such translations where possible.

To find i.e. films with subtitles or audio in other languages simply use our search feature (available on every website and blog) and type in the search box the three-letter code of the desired language in the brackets. For example:
(ENG) for English.
Currently available languages are listed below.
Please note: some languages have only a handful of items available in this language. It is best to use our customized Google Search engine (which searches through all of our publicly available pages).

Hint: copy and paste entire line works too.

(===) silent film or no spoken languages

(ALB) shqip,

(ARA) باللغة العربية,

(BUL) български,

(BOS) bosanski,

(CZE) český,

(DEU) Deutsch,

(ENG) English,

(ESP) español,

(FRA) français,

(GRC) Ελληνική,

(HEB) עברית,

(HRV) Hrvatski,

(HUN) magyar,

(IRN) فارسی,

(ITA) italiano,

(JAP) 日本語,

(NLD) Nederlands,

(NOR) norsk,

(POB) Português-Brasil,

(POL) polski,

(POL) ślōnskŏ gŏdka,

(PRT) português,

(ROU) română,

(RUS) русский,

(SRB) српски језик,

(SCC) srpsko-hrvatski,

(SWE) svenska,

(TUR) türk,

(VIE) tiếng Việt,

(YID) ייִדיש